Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We want to hear from all of you!

We are absolutely loving having you guys be a part of our field work experience. Please leave comments on the blog and follow us on twitter (mr_reedy) to let us know you are paying attention. Come on, what are you waiting for? Click the comment button and drop us a line. We have been measuring lizards for 7 hours straight and we need something to keep us going.


  1. Whats the brightest color lizard you have found?

  2. We have found a few very red female brown anoles. There are also tons of other reptiles in the area that we see while we are working. We see another species of anole called the green anole (stay tuned for pictures), we see broad headed skinks (another large lizard), we see gopher tortoises and mrs. Reedy even saw a snake. I will try to put up more pictures tonight.

  3. What type of snake?

    Was the tortoise slow moving?

    If she saw a snake, maybe the snake could have gotten the clay lizard?

    What is a gopher tortoise?

    Have you seen any dark lizards?

    Have you caught any of them mating?

    Have you caught any of the females fighting?

    Have you caught any pregnant females?

  4. Let mr answer a few of the questions from 6th hour.

    We have seen 2 snakes. One was a black racer and the other was most likely a yellow ray snake.

    The gopher tortoise was not slow moving. They are surprisingly fast!

    We have seen so much variety of lizards. Dark light and everything in between.

    We have caught a pair that was mating on a tree trunk.

    Even though the males are more aggressive we have seen females fighting.

    Yes, some of the females have been pregnant, we can feel the eggs inside them. This is the beginning of their breeding season so many are probably pregnant right now.

  5. Mr. Reedy, do you think if you had another member added to your team that collecting and marking the lizards would go by faster?