Monday, April 4, 2011

21st century educational outreach.

I loved talking with my former first period students this morning via skype. It was amazing to be standing on an island in the middle of the Halifax River and be showing my students lizards in the field and showing them how science happens in the real world. 2nd period- get your questions ready because your class is next.


  1. From 6th period biology :)

    1. Are you going to move the clay models?

    2. What are you eating?

    3. How long are the days?

    4. What is something new you have learned since you have been there?

    5. Have you found any eggs on the island?

    6. have you found any pregnant lizards?

    7. Have you stepped on any lizards?

    8. Have you found any dead lizards? or skeletons?

    9. How many lizards did you catch today?

    10. Have you seen a hawk or any type of bird eat the lizards?

    11. Have you seen any other animals out there besides lizards?

  2. Period 7 questions:

    1. Have you fallen into the water?

    2. Have you experienced any casualties within the lizards?

    3. Did you find lizards that are pregnant?

    4. Have any of the models been super damaged that you have to remove them?

    5. Did you have a hard time getting through airport security with all the clay models?

    6. How many male lizards did you catch? How many females?

    7. How many hours do you work a day?

    8. Do you have any spare time?

    9. What time do you go to sleep and wake up?

    10. Are you progressing much on your research?

    11. Do you think you will be finishing sooner or later than you thought?

    12. Did you get attacked by anything?

  3. 1st period questions:

    1. What is the biggest lizard you have found so far?

    2. How are you doing??

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