Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Abnormal tail

3rd period zoology asked if we have seen any lizards with deformities. Well, we have caught and measured 304 lizards so far and this one had a really unique tail.


  1. Dennis: I think that maybe it was in a fight.

    Alexx: It could be a really recessive gene, and it could help it better blend with gnarled tree branches

    Laura: I am wondering if maybe during its birth it went through a violent adversity?

    David: Maybe it is the first step of natural selection of how the lizards tails are going to be changed over time.

    Kimberly: Do you think if the tail falls off, will it grow back the same way?

  2. Wow. Those are some really good hypothesis to explain this weird tail. Let me give you some feed back.

    Dennis- Maybe it was in a fight. The lizards fight all the time. Yesterday we caught a male that was covered in bruises that were all bite mark shaped.

    Alexx- That is a great biology idea. I can see you have learned this year. Could be possible.

    Laura- Also a possibilty. You know how important the development in the egg is to a lizard. So your suggestion that it is related to the lizard's birth is a good one.

    David- As you know, natural selection is always acting on wild populations. If that weird tail helps that lizard to survive or mate, those tales might become more common.

    Kimberly- That would be a great experiment! We could cut off the tail and record the way that it regrows to see if the bent tail was genetic or if it was caused by the environment. Thinking like a scientist.

  3. Hypothesis:

    George: Mr. Reedy pinched him

    Eric: A small animal was biting on him and he didnt notice

    Carlos: Bit by a hawk or a flying animal (chewed on)

    Victor: It was stepped on by a person

    Selena: It got stuck between a tree branch and a rock

    Ivan: He caught it and accidentally squeezed the tail

    Victor: maybe he is loosing blood

    Selena: maybe he was born with that deformity

    Eric: he got in a fight with another animal


    How are you doing?

    How many lizards have you caught so far?

    Do the lizards look strange?

    Are they larger than the ones that were in the classroom?

    Have you caught any babies yet?

    What is the biggest lizard you have caught?

  4. Hypothesis:

    Jose V: Did it get crushed by something?

    Amanda: Would it a bird attacked it by its tail but it didn't actually break off? Or did Mr. Reedy step on it??

    Jose S: Did it get attacked by predators? Could it be a genetic mutation?

    Guillermo: If you break the tail off will it grow back normally? It looked like it was mangled by an animal.

    Selena: Was he born like that?

    Nemi: Did he get stepped on? Maybe by a person?

    Jessey: Did the egg get damaged while it was still in the egg? Did anything happen to the egg and it ended up affecting its tail?

    Alberto C: Does it have anything to do with his DNA codes and stuff?

    What's his name?


    Nohemi: Where did it come from and how did you catch it?

    Amanda: Is there any possible way that the lizard's tail can go back to normal? What number lizard is this one (out of the total number you've caught)? Have you found any similarities within the group of lizards that you have already caught?

    Jessey: Could the tail deformity possibly be a trait that helps him survive in the wild?

    Guillermo: Could this have been done (the deformed tail) by another lizard?

  5. What has been the weirdest deformity you have seen in a lizard you have caught over the years?

  6. Cherish P. JacksonApril 11, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    Does this lizard suffer from a disease?

  7. Jacqueline Fuentes 3rdApril 11, 2011 at 8:17 AM

    Would the tail affect in any way the chances of the lizard to mate?

  8. Gabriela CastilloApril 11, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    Is that a mutation from survival of the fittest?
    I think it looks pretty awesome :D

  9. That is one weird tail but the lizard should feel special. Is it a male or female?

  10. alejandro delacruzApril 13, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    why is the tail like that did a predator attack the lizard?

  11. Selena Romero

    I've asked & said if the lizard maybe born that way? and maybe it was stuck between some tree branches or an animal could had bit it not hard enough to take it apart but enough to like leave it that way. or it got stuck under a rock.

  12. did you ever find out what happend to his tail

  13. did you ever find out what happend to his tail

  14. What are the possibilities of finding another lizard with a deformity?

  15. if the lizard was deformed how could you know the exact messuarements of the lizards tail??

  16. katherine larco per3April 15, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    can this lizard make a change in the project or does it maintain the same?
    the lizard with this tail can it still attract female lizards or no?
    can it genetics change one the lizard gets older?

  17. There a possibility the lizard has a deformed tail because maybe something didnt go right in the chromosomes when it was born.

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